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 Interesting occurence worth mentioning...

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Michael O.

Michael O.

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Interesting occurence worth mentioning... Empty
PostSubject: Interesting occurence worth mentioning...   Interesting occurence worth mentioning... EmptyTue Jul 03, 2007 9:21 am

I just got back from the Philippines last Saturday, July 1, 2007 via JAL..i was there for 3 weeks for a business trip and was so so busy that I was stuck around Manila never had the chance to go anywhere else to my regret. Something interesting occured to me while I was there. One day i was having some halo-halo in Robinson with some of my friends and in the corner of my eye I noticed a guy looking at me and finally he came up and asked me if my name is Michael Olango and i did say yes and he introduced himself and I found out he's our batch mate. We talked for awhile but I totally forgot who he was! Was that you "Spyro"..if it was you..so sorry man didn't even get a chance to offer you anything...mukhang nagmamadali ka yata 'tol ..would have been nice to sit down with you and catch up a little bit plus I was still sick then (I always get sick pagnandyan ako I don't know why) ...anyways..sa reunion na lang...Just so interesting that there so many people and so many malls yet we bumped into each other..thats really kewl I think!
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Interesting occurence worth mentioning...
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